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Because Zombies Review

We have covered numerous zombie games over the years at Slimgamer, and they come in many different shapes and forms. From runners to shooters and ...
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New Walking Dead Game based on the Show in the Works

We’ve seen games based on The Walking Dead comic book and games that use characters from the world Robert Kirkman created, but we haven’t ...
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walking dead season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer hits the Net

Telltale Games The Walking Dead was widely  regarded as one of the best games of the year, and has countless awards to prove it. Fans have been ...
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Dead Island: Riptide Review

Zombies have now been the popular horror route to take for years and, as such, we’ve started to see them get pounded in the ground. Dead Island ...
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Resident Evil 6 Screen 4

All Zombie Games Are The Same

Zombie's, brain eating freaks, the walking dead, ex girlfriends, whatever you want to call them, you can't deny that zombies are pretty much ...
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House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut Review

This review is presented in HORRORAMA! The House of the Dead: Overkill is the killer app for the Playstation Move. It's vulgar, it's crude, and ...
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Dead Island Review

Zombies seem to be one of the most popular things to use in pop culture these days, and video games are no exception. Over the last few years, ...
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Classic Flowcharts: Every RPG Ever & Zombie Apocalypse

In case you missed it last year, gaming magazine 'Game Informer' ran two of the funniest and informational flowcharts that are sure to please RPG ...
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Xbox Live Deal of the Week – Half Off Zombies

This week, Xbox Live has a deal of the week that has been taken over by the undead.  The zombie themed content is half off (or more) and gives ...
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