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Metalheads rejoice, Anthrax has arrived for Rocksmith 2014

DLC can be a real pain in the ass for some games, but for others it’s a true godsend and the lifeblood that keeps the gears churning. That’s ...
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Top 10 Games That Should Be Ported to iOS

Smartphones are now powerful enough to easily house games from the original Xbox, the PS2 and PS1, among other consoles, and if video game develo...
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RBI Baseball 14 set to launch on April 9

Back in 1986 the world was introduced to R.B.I. Baseball on the NES where it was a massive hit before spawning a couple of sequels and being ported ...
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How To Watch The Xbox 2013 Media Briefing

E3 is just around the corner and with a disappointing console reveal (Check out our thoughts on the reveal here), I don’t know about you but ...
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Xbox One: Our Thoughts

Xbox One was announced.  We're sure you all either watched or read about the big reveal and have varying degrees of excitement or disappointment ...
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The IndieGarden – Stick ‘Em Up 2: Paper Adventures

  If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that nothing written on it should be believed (apart from quality journalism of course), you ...
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Possible New Game Discs for Xbox 360

Microsoft is looking for testers for a new kind of game discs for Xbox 360. A "highly placed" source says to Euro Gamer's Digital Foundry blog that ...
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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Dated

What better way to celebrate the day after Valentine's Day than to channel all one's relationship frustrations into pummeling some of Marvel ...
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DJ Hero 2 – REVIEW

The sequel to last year’s DJ Hero, was released almost year to date, DJ Hero 2 was released on October 19th in the USA. I managed to get my ...
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The third title in the Fable series was just released by Lionhead Studios.  This tale is a continuation from Fable II, in Fable III you get ...
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