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Payday 2

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition release set for Ps4 and Xbox One

Enjoy first person shooters? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve played Payday 2 on Steam or a console. The follow-up has been rumored to slide ...
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Xbox One on Sale Today for $400 without Kinect

When Sony and Microsoft launched their next-gen consoles, pricing was a huge issue for some as they Xbox One was more expensive than the Ps4 due to ...
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Worms Battlegrounds headed to the PS4 and Xbox One on May 30

Earlier this year Team 17 has announced they were going to release a new Worms game and today we got a date. Worms Battlegrounds will be headed to ...
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RBI Baseball 14 set to launch on April 9

Back in 1986 the world was introduced to R.B.I. Baseball on the NES where it was a massive hit before spawning a couple of sequels and being ported ...
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We’ll Hear More About Mistwalker’s Next Project on Tuesday

Mistwalker (and it's founder Hironobu Sakaguchi) was a pretty prominent developer last generation.  They gave us Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on ...
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Alien: Isolation Trailer Released

When Aliens: Colonial Marines was released back in February 2013 it was met with huge disappointment. Fortunately for fans of the classic movie ...
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Hitman for Next-Gen Consoles gets Cancelled

Agent 47 has been with gamers for over 10 years, and if today’s news is true it may be a while before we see him again. The next-gen Hitman game ...
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Which Next-Gen Console Should You Buy? The Answer May Surprise You

Listen, it's time we had a chat.  We've got two next-gen consoles about to launch and I know you want in on that.  You want to buy one, and ...
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Xbox One Dashboard Walkthrough

We're only 2 weeks away from the launch of the Xbox One and questions about the system's performance and Os have been swirling around us nonstop. ...
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Beautiful New Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer

Well isn't this exciting? Straight out of the Disney D23 Expo, comes a 90 second long trailer for Kingdom Hearts III that is absolutely drop-dead ...
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