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Dishonored Web Series Gives History On The World Of Dunwall

Bethesda and Arkane have just recently released 'The Awakening', the first episode in a three-part web series. These webisodes called 'The ...
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Gadget Corner – Seagate Backup Plus Video Review

Mike tells us about the lastest creation from Seagate - their Backup Plus Seagate provided with a ...
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Super Mario 3D Launch Event

Super Mario 3D Land Takes Over NY Times Square

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo turned New York's Military Island at Times Square into the real thing this ...
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New 3DS Paints The Town Red

Recently I've been chatting to a few people thinking about purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. Most of them are on the fence about it, pretty much saying ...
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New Supremacy MMA Trailer Hurts You Good

If the thought of burly men belting each other in the face sends you into an excited frenzy, you might want to visit one of North London's more ...
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New Co-op Trailer for Dead Island

Dead Island....what can be said about this game that hasn't already been said? From controversial logos (not that a hanging will overly bother a ...
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Dark Souls

Dark Souls Trailer Shows Its Difficulty

For all of you who thought Demon's Souls was a hard game, just take a look at the newest trailer for Dark Souls. Even though Dark Souls is the ...
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Brian Wilson Goes Sea Captain for MLB 2K11 Digital Short Film

Last night on Lopez Tonight, Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants dressed up as a Sea Captain and debuted a portion of his MLB 2K11 digital ...
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