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New Friday the 13th game set to roll out in October

If you are of a certain age, you may have fond memories of the old Friday the 13th video game. A few days ago, word broke that a new Friday the ...
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The Square Enix Collective program opens up to developers today

The Square Enix Collective program finally got underway today, and it’s a program that’s going to be of interest to gamers and developers ...
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Amazon Android Console set to roll out later this year

Will they or won’t they. Rumors surrounding an Amazon Android console have been brewing since last year, and according to a new report, it look ...
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vanamo online game museum

Ending Soon: The Vanamo Online Game Museum Kickstarter Project

As November rolls around it’s time to say goodbye to some Kickstarter projects we’ve been keeping an eye on over the past month. The Vanamo ...
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The Top 10 Games Of 2012 So Far

Every year before the fall landslide of game releases start, I like to sit back for a minute and focus on what the best games of the year have been ...
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Resident Evil 5 Co-Op

Top 10 Best Co-Op Games

Co-operative gaming has become a staple of the mainstream market and there are in fact many titles which are specifically built in order to ...
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Music of Zelda Windwaker

Beyond the Beep: A Musical Gaming Feature

Music is an important part of video games, one of the most important there is some would argue. Either way you look at it, the music in a video ...
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Top 10 Games Of 2011 So Far

It almost seems like every year gets even better for gaming, and 2011 is no exception, just before the fall landslide of blockbuster games take a ...
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