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Top 6 Mobile Games To Look Forward To This Year

E3 was pretty big this year, and we witnessed enough to make practically every gamer happy, but what about mobile gamers? There were a few mobile ...
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Top 10 iOS Fighting Games

Mortal Kombat X was recently announced, and quite a lot of hype has followed since. If you're a fan of fighting games like Mortal Kombat, but want ...
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Top 10 Games That Should Be Ported to iOS

Smartphones are now powerful enough to easily house games from the original Xbox, the PS2 and PS1, among other consoles, and if video game develo...
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10 iOS Games Free From In-App Purchases

Whilst the top grossing app charts are filled with titles that handle you tiny bits of gameplay one transaction at a time, there are still many ...
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Top 10 N64 Platformers

Retro gaming has been a hot trend lately, and one of the most popular retro gaming consoles is the Nintendo 64. One of the things that made the N64 ...
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5 Things To Look Forward To In Far Cry 3

With the poor response to Far Cry 2, fans of the series would be more than a little sceptical to pick up the latest game in the series, but fans ...
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The Top 10 Games Of 2012 So Far

Every year before the fall landslide of game releases start, I like to sit back for a minute and focus on what the best games of the year have been ...
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Top 10 Games Of 2011 So Far

It almost seems like every year gets even better for gaming, and 2011 is no exception, just before the fall landslide of blockbuster games take a ...
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10 Things You’ll Love about 3DS and 5 You Won’t

The 3DS has some killer features and some annoying drawbacks. Here's a list of some of the major reasons you're either about to love or hate ...
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