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Top 32 (Or So) of 2012 – Publisher/Studio of the Year

Welcome to Slimgamer’s end of the year coverage.  We took seven writers, gave them six categories, and locked them in a room until they’d ...
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THQ Giving Away Free Copies of Metro 2033

It's no secret that THQ have been having some hard times recently. Whether this is a farewell gift to the fans or a clever marketing strategy...
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The Weekly News Roundup – August 19 – 25

              End of an Era I have fond memories as a child of opening the latest ...
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Darksiders II – First 15 Minutes

Mike takes us along the first 15 minutes of Deaths journey in the upcoming action adventure from THQ. In this ...
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Darksiders II Review

There’s an unfortunate myth in the video games business that the Summer months are the worst time of year to release a blockbuster title. That ...
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Darksiders II New Death Strikes Trailer + Screenshots

The end of the world is here! War - our friendly apocalyptic horseman from the first Darksiders has been blamed for starting the End Times ...
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4 Reasons UFC: Undisputed 3 Brings Fans What They Want

With the ever rising popularity of MMA and the poor response to the stat grinding of the previous game, Undisputed 3 brought back what worked in ...
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THQ Faces Removal From Stock Exchange

It seems that THQ's troubles keep mounting up! The publisher has received a warning today that they will be delisted from the Nasdaq stock ...
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Mike’s UFC Personal Trainer 30-Day Challenge: Day 25

Almost there people, this is the home straight! I can see the finish line, the end point of my 30 Day UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Music ...
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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Collector’s Unboxed

As Collector's Editions go, this is a true Warhammer 40k fan's dream, short only of supplying you with a Powersword, the guys and girls at THQ have ...
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