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The IndieGarden – Indie Games Arcade

Good news everyone! With the Eurogamer Expo now just around the corner submissions for this year's Indie Games Arcade are now open! Although a ...
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Gone Home Pre-Alpha Screen

The IndieGarden – Gone Home Pre-Alpha Footage

A group of talented people who have worked on some big name games like Bioshock have decided to create The Fullbright Company to work on a new ...
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Chasing Aurora Trailer Screen

The IndieGarden – Chasing Aurora Trailer

Broken Rules, the studio that brought us And Yet It Moves, released a trailer for their latest project Chasing Aurora earlier this month. In ...
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The IndieGarden – Realms Of The Mad God Review

On paper, Realm of The Mad God would never work. You have an MMORPG backbone with Twin-Stick Shooter mechanics and a few sprinkles of Action/...
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If this happens - you are totally, totally dead!

The IndieGarden – Project Zomboid

I’ll come out and say it now folks, I’m a big fan of zombie games but in the last couple of years it has felt as though the ‘zombie-shooter...
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Volchaos Screen 2

The IndieGarden – VolChaos Review

It's an age old problem.  Your mortgage payments are due, you have alimony to pay and financially you're in a pretty bad way.  What's the ...
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The IndieGarden Presents: Star Ninja Review

So, like an out of control Katamari, The IndieGarden does not seem to want to stop! I recently had the chance to sit down and play Star Ninja by ...
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