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great little war game 2

Rubicon Development releases Great Little War Game 2 for Android

Great Little War Game was a huge success on mobiles when it was released, and fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since. Well, we got one ...
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Hitman GO brings Agent 47 to Android

Fans of the bald badass known as Agent 47 can finally breathe a sigh of relief as Square Enix has finally brought Hitman GO over to Android. B...
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Top 7 God Game Apps for iOS

Earlier this week, Godus, the brand new God Game by Peter Molyneux's new development studio soft launched onto the New Zealand app store, making ...
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Flashback Fridays: Jelly Defense from Infinite Dreams

In our first edition of Flashback Friday, we talked about an awesome simulation game called A Story of a Band. This time around, we’re switching ...
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Warhammer 40k: Storm of Vengeance out now on Google Play

Warhammer 40K is an insanely popular, and regardless of how you choose to play or take the universe in, there are a lot of options out there. You ...
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown finally comes to Android

Fan of XCOM? If so, you’re probably already played XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but on the off-chance you haven’t, and you own an Android device today ...
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might & mayhem

Beta Breakdown: Might & Mayhem from Kiz Studios

Beta Breakdown is our way of shining a spotlight on some games that are in a soft launch or limited beta. Our last breakdown focused on the Family ...
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rebuild gangs of deadsville

Sarah Norway’s Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville lets you Rebuild Society one Block at a Time

Sarah Norway has put out some great games including a personal favorite of mine by the name of Rebuild. When I was perusing Kickstarter for ...
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer

Well the return of XCOM is upon us, and a fresh new launch trailer is here to accompany it. You can see the desperate struggle to defend earth ...
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Men of War Vietnam Review

Men of War: Vietnam, like the Theatre of War games, prides itself on being the most realistic, real time strategy games available. This is both ...
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