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Double Eleven brings Frozen Synapse Prime to Android

Tactical-based mobile games are a dime a dozen, so whenever we see something interesting come along, we certainly pay attention. That’s the case ...
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10 Score

Auro Review: A Monster Bumping Adventure

When you spend 4 years on a mobile game, you'd expect that first impressions of your game after finally releasing would be pretty high, and this ...
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because zombies
8 Score

Because Zombies Review

We have covered numerous zombie games over the years at Slimgamer, and they come in many different shapes and forms. From runners to shooters and ...
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Tablet Bound The Ember Conflict Gets a Soft Launch

A brand new real time strategy game by Substantial Games has been launched in a few select territories in anticipation of a full global release. ...
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Game of the Week: Scrolls from Mojang

Normally around this time we would do an “Android” game of the week. This week is a bit different as a game a lot of people have been waiting ...
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ironclad tactics

Zachtronics releases Ironclad Tactics for Android

Zachtronics first grabbed our attention with SpaceChem, and now they’ve brought a popular card battling game to Android by the name of Ironclad ...
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7.5 Score

Pirate Ring Review – An Incredibly Challenging Strategy Game

Sudoku is one of the most well known games worldwide, and Pirate Ring, a new iOS game, tries to capture the puzzling elements of Sudoku and bring ...
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Star Wars: Commander is a Brand New Clash of Clans Style Game for Free on the iOS Store

Ever since LucasArts was purchased from Disney, we've been seeing a large amount of different types of Star Wars themed mobile games released ...
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angry birds epic
7.5 Score

Angry Birds Epic Review

  Last week Rovio dropped the newest game in the Angry Birds franchise, and after spending the weekend with the game, we’re back ...
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boom beach

Supercell’s Boom Beach finally gets Soft-Launched on Android

It’s safe to say that Clash of Clans is a pretty popular game, and fans of the title have been clamoring to get their hands on the next title ...
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