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Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions arrives for Mobiles

When Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, gamers crossed their fingers we would get some big new Star Wars games. While we’re still waiting ...
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Star Wars Galactic Defense Will be New Game in Disney Mobile Lineup

If you've been keeping an eye on the mobile scene recently, you will have noticed that Disney has released a number of new Star Wars titles, ...
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Star Wars: Commander arrives for Android

Clash of Clans is an insanely popular mobile game, and it recently got a big update. The timing might not be the greatest, but a new CoC competitor ...
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Star Wars: Commander is a Brand New Clash of Clans Style Game for Free on the iOS Store

Ever since LucasArts was purchased from Disney, we've been seeing a large amount of different types of Star Wars themed mobile games released ...
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lego star wars ios

Top 3 Star Wars iOS Games

Whilst the internet has been taken aback by an alleged Star Wars Episode 7 plot leak, many Star Wars fans are still playing through many of the ...
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Star Wars: Assault Team Review

A Long time ago in a place far, far away there was a company called LucasArts that put out awesome games. Those days may have come and gone, but ...
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star wars assault team

Out Now – Star Wars: Assault Team

Back in February, we did a “Beta Breakdown” on Disney’s CCG Star Wars: Assault Team. If you were chomping at the bit to get your hands on the ...
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star wars: assault team

Star Wars: Assault Team Preview

Towards the end of January we learned that Disney was working on a new Star Wars game by the name of Star Wars: Assault Team and that it was close ...
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20 Star Wars Games That We’ll Never See

Found via Reddit, we have an image that shows the logo of 20 Star Wars games that didn't make it out of LucasArts' offices.  Behold what could ...
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets A Release Date

Bioware has been incredibly tight lipped about a release date up to this point, wanting to ensure that the game is released being as good and ...
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