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ea UFC

EA Sports UFC Mobile Soft-Launch Preview

We’ve seen a number of soft-launches this year, and a number of major games are currently being tested in various parts of the world like New ...
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Quick Review: Pukka Golf

There are golf games aplenty if you’re looking to hit up the links on your mobile device, but as with most things, some are much better than ...
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my NBA 2k15
8 Score

MyNBA2K15 Review

MyNBA2K15 is 2K games newest mobile title, and it’s a game we briefly talked about earlier in the week. After spending countless hours in ...
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Top iOS Sports Games 2014

Sports games are perhaps some of the most enjoyable games out there on iOS, and surprisingly, a lot of games offer similar gameplay elements to ...
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FIFA 15: Ultimate Team
9 Score

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team Review

EA wowed us with Madden NFL Mobile, and yesterday they unleashed a new ‘football’ game with FIFA: 15 Ultimate Team. The soft regional launch ...
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8 Score

Madden NFL Mobile Review

EA’s taken a lot of lumps over the years, and their sports franchises have always been a target for irate gamers. When Madden came to mobiles, it ...
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Out Now: Madden NFL Mobile for iOS and Android

We’ve been treated (or tricked) to a new Madden game for mobiles over the past few years, and the newest version has just hit the app stores. ...
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Step up to the Plate with MLB Perfect Inning from Gamevil

Two new baseball games hit Android this week, and while both have some flaws, MLB Perfect Inning ended up being a nice little surprise. It’s ...
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RBI Baseball 2014 finally comes to Android

Last month R.B.I. Baseball 14 was released for iOS and as usual, Android gamers have had to play the waiting game. Luckily, the wait wasn’t that ...
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activision decathlon
7 Score

Quick Review: The Activision Decathlon for Android

Mobile time wasters come in many shapes and forms, from jewel popping games to button mashers. The Activision Decathlon falls into the latter ...
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