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Mad Bullets Review
8.5 Score

Mad Bullets Review

The Light Gun Arcade games of yesterday may be a thing of the past, but nobody told isTom Games that. They dev’s dropped a new arcade shooter for ...
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9 Score

Neonize Review – The Perfect Rhythm Based Arcade Shooter

There's one underlying problem with the app store that sometimes gets to me; it's pretty easy to make a very poor excuse of an app and release it ...
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lawless mobage

Mobage’s Lawless gets a soft-launch on Android

Yesterday we told you what to expect from Star Wars: Assault Team, and today we’re back to take a look at another game in a soft-launch of ...
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5 Score

Quick Revew: RoboCop for Android

A couple of days ago we told you about the new RoboCop game from Glu, and as promised, we’re back with a breakdown of the game. Our RoboCop ...
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Counter-Strike GO XBLA Screenshot 1

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

Counter-Strike has acquired quite the legacy over the years. Many know it as the number one online shooter, and many believe it to be a cut above ...
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The Crysis 3 Reveal We’ve Been Waiting For

This comes as no surprise since just about a week ago EA literally told us they would be announcing Crysis 3 on the 16th. But anyways, here it ...
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The Gunstringer Review

Kinect-based games are really starting to take the Xbox 360 to a new level in casual gaming. Sure, the more core games on the system are beginning ...
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