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Creative solutions for when you feel robbed: Bruce Heard about Calidar on Kickstarter

Bruce Heard is author of several products for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy RPG. Once upon a time he wrote the popular Princess Ark stories, ...
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leroy johnson in the greatest game ever logo

SpriteSoHard Studios brings Leroy Johnson In the Greatest Game Ever Made to Kickstarter

  We’ve seen video games set in all era’s, but one of our favorites is also one of the most forgotten… the 70s. Leroy Johnson In the ...
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lisa the painful RPG

Ending Soon: LISA the painful RPG

We’ve covered our fair share of games set in post-apocalyptic wastelands, but we’ve never really come across a game quite like LISA the painful ...
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mansion lord kickstarter

Go on a Murder Mystery Adventure in Mansion Lord from Golgam Games

Board games have slowly gone the way of the dinosaur over the years, but classics like Monopoly and Clue are still popular today. If you enjoy a ...
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Black Cloud Studios’ After Reset RPG hits Kickstarter

If you are a fan of Post Apocalyptic RPG games then After Reset RPG may just be the game for you. After Reset RPG is a Kickstarter project by Black ...
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Cornerstone: Song of Tyrim

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim closes in on its Kickstarter Goal

When someone describes their upcoming game as “Wind Walker meets Dark Souls” you’re going to grab a lot of folks attention – ours included. ...
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you are not the hero

You Are Not The Hero brings a Different Kind of RPG to Kickstarter

NPC’s hate you… seriously. That’s the premise behind a new Kickstarter game called You Are Not The Hero from Donn Manalili and ToMorning ...
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sim hero kickstarter

RPG Simulator Sim Hero fires up its Kickstarter Campaign

There are all kinds of simulation games out there from space sims like Star Command to sports sims like Basketball Dynasty Manager 2013. Sim Hero ...
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Interview with Creator of Beyonder – An RPG 40 Years in the Making

Let’s take a moment to step back from the digital worlds we usually play in and bask in the glory of the games of yore.  We’re talking, of ...
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Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix Greenlighted in Kickstarter – A Treat for JRPG Fans

An ambitious group of A-class talent have come together to make a JRPG that would seemingly make the genre proud. Here are just a few examples of ...
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