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world ends with you

The World Ends With You finally comes to Android

  Squeenix is known for their RPG classics, and for cranking out expensive mobile ports. Today a new one rolled into the Play Store, ...
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angry birds epic
7.5 Score

Angry Birds Epic Review

  Last week Rovio dropped the newest game in the Angry Birds franchise, and after spending the weekend with the game, we’re back ...
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angry birds epic

Rovio unleashes Angry Birds Epic for Android and iOS

If you’ve wanted Rovio to do something different, you’ve probably been waiting with bated breath for Angry Birds Epic to roll out. Well, today ...
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tales of the adventure company
9.5 Score

Tales of the Adventure Company Review

Dungeon Crawlers are plentiful in the Play Store, and occasionally you’ll find one that does things a bit differently than the rest. Tales of the Adventure Company manages to do that, and it’s likely to keep you glued to the screen until you’ve beaten the game or your battery has run dry. Yup, it’s that good.
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battleheart legacy

Battleheart Legacy Has Reached The App Store, Now Available for $4.99

We've been expecting a mobile sequel to Battleheart ever since the first game was launched to mobile devices in 2011, and despite various rumors ...
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8.5 Score

Shattered Planet Review: Clone Life ain’t Easy…

It’s always great when you find a hidden gem lurking in the depths of Google Play, and that’s what we found last week when we stumbled across a ...
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Popular RPG Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition comes to Android

It’s safe to say that Baldur’s Gate was beloved by the RPG/AD&D crowd when it was released back in 1998. A remake of the popular game ...
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Disruptor Beam working on a new RPG called Star Trek Timelines

Game of Thrones Ascent has become a popular title, and today we found out what Disruptor Beam is working on next. Ready to go where no man has ...
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rpg alphadia genesis

KEMCO releases RPG Alphadia Genesis for Android

If you dig JRPG’s, you have more than likely heard of KEMCO games or played one of the titles in their Alphadia series. If so, prepare to be ...
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unusng story kickstarter

Yasumi Matsuno’s Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians heads to Kickstarter

Final Fantasy Tactics is a title a lot of gamers dearly love, and you can count the writers at Slimgamer as FFT fans. Yasumi Matsuno is largely ...
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