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Cube Run Review – A New Rhythm Game Concept with Potential

Cube Run is what first-time app developer Brett Johnson calls an intense beautiful new rhythm runner, but is his new mobile app really worthy of ...
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sit n survive
7.5 Score

Sit ‘N Survive Review

Survival games have seen a resurgence over the past couple of years, but it's hard to find a good one on mobiles that doesn't involve zombies. ...
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10 iOS Games Free From In-App Purchases

Whilst the top grossing app charts are filled with titles that handle you tiny bits of gameplay one transaction at a time, there are still many ...
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dEXTRIS Review

The sudden craze behind Flappy Bird has brought on a whole wave of infuriatingly addictive mobile games that offer nothing but a few minutes of ...
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6.5 Score

Star Wars: Assault Team Review

A Long time ago in a place far, far away there was a company called LucasArts that put out awesome games. Those days may have come and gone, but ...
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8 Score

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

The wait is finally over. After being delayed and switching publishers South Park fans probably felt like The Stick of Truth would never be ...
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out there game
9.5 Score

Out There Review: Survival Beyond the Stars

A new space-based game made its way into the world last night by the name of Out There from Mi-Clos Studio. We ran a ‘beta breakdown’ on the ...
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9 Score

Bravely Default Review

Nintendo handheld consoles have always been a solid source for great Japanese Role Playing Games, with Square Enix releasing the majority of the ...
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8 Score

Quick Review: Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android

Google Play is packed to the brim with horrible surgery games, but the gaming gods shined a light onto the Play Store yesterday when Adult Swim ...
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doodle kingdom
7.5 Score

Quick Review: Doodle Kingdom for Android

There are many mobile games that let gamers play alchemists, and JoyBits has carved out a pretty big niche for themselves with their “Doodle” ...
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