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fist of awesome

Bear-based Beat ‘em up Fist of Awesome goes Live

Everyone loves a good Retro game, and Fist of Awesome is a pixely title we've been keeping up with since it’s Kickstarter days. The project was ...
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River City Ransom: Underground adds Abobo and hits Kickstarter Goal

The first game I covered for Slimgamer was a Kickstarter project by the name of River City Ransom: Underground. It’s a follow-up to the classic ...
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mutant football league

In Need of Funding: Mutant Football League on Kickstarter

In the 90s,  I was a self-proclaimed “King of Madden” and spent countless hours gaming out to the old Madden games to hone my skills. When a ...
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Crowdfunding Picks – River City Ransom: Underground from Conatus Creative

River City Ransom is an NES classic that a lot of gamers enjoyed growing up. It wasn’t Double Dragon, but it was pretty damned cool and had a ...
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Pixel Perfect: Castlevania Retrospective

When E3 was happening back in June it was, as usual, a very exciting time for us gamers, and we here are were lucky enough to have a ...
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Top 5 Retro Games

  This may come as no surprise to some of you regular visitors to, but I am a huge fan of retro games, there's just something ...
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