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Leap Motion is bringing Hand Tracking tech to the Razer OSVR headset

In case you weren’t aware, Virtual Reality has become a pretty big thing in gaming over the past year or so. The Oculus got folks interested, but ...
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Razer Review

Gadget Corner: Razer Roundup

Mike takes us through his latest collection of items from Razer. Featured in this video are the Taipan Mouse, the Naga Mouse and the Chimaera ...
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Gadget Corner: The Razer Experience

There’s a saying - “You need the right tools for the right job” and in many cases - people wouldn’t associate that saying with video games ...
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Razer Tiamat 2.2222

Gadget Corner – Razer Tiamat 2.2 Headset review

Music is such an important part of the video game universe these days and equally important is having the right equipment to hear this music with. ...
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Razer Death Adder Mouse Review and Giveaway!

The humble PC mouse. It was one thought of as an after thought by many companies and even considered to be unnecessary by many keyboard-centric ...
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