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What on Earth! Preview – A Community Based Racing Game

What on Earth is What on Earth? As it turns out, it's a side scrolling racing game that melds together community created levels and great physics ...
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Asphalt Overdrive zooms onto Google Play

If you love to race on your mobile, you’ve probably played one of Gameloft’s Asphalt games. The latest game in the series is a little different ...
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7.5 Score

Big Win Racing Review

Hothead Games has slowly become king of the sports sim in the mobile world with top-notch titles like Big Win Baseball & Big Win Hockey just to ...
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blocky roads
8 Score

Review: Blocky Roads for Android

What happens when you combine a racing game with Minecraft and throw in some building elements for good measure? You get Blocky Roads from DogByte ...
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6.5 Score

Angry Birds Go! Review

Remember when Angry Birds first popped into our lives and Rovio was just getting started? Those days are long gone as those angry little birds have ...
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7 Score

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Review

The best way to describe Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is to say that it is a cross between Mario Kart and San Francisco Rush.  It’s ...
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f1 feature image

F1 2012 Review

It's lights out and away we go for Codemasters, as their latest Formula 1 game comes screaming towards the last corner destined for victory. But ...
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F1 Race Stars Screenshot 6

F1 Race Stars Announced

Codemasters today announced a brand spanking new Formula One game called F1 Race Stars which promises to put the fun in Formula One – Formula Fun ...
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Mayhem Brings Demolition Derby Style Racing

Zoo Entertainment and Rombax Games recently announced plans to bring demolition derby style gameplay to consoles with their upcoming racing title, ...
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Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine Races to Consoles in 2011

Autumn Games has joined up with Isopod Labs to create a new racing game with NASCAR great Jimmie Johnson in Anything with an Engine.  The ...
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