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bust a move islands
7.5 Score

Bust-A-Move Islands Review

Some call it Puzzle Bobble or Bubble Bobble while others prefer Bust-A-Move. Chances are you recognize one of those monikers as the popular popping ...
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9 Score

Gunbrick Review

2014 is in the books, and so is the first week of the new year. Mobile releases were slim this week, but Nitrome dropped a doozy with a new game ...
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Dodo Master

Android Game of the Week: Dodo Master

If someone calls you a “Dodo” you may get a little offended, but what if you’ve been dubbed the Dodo Master? Well, if you’ve played Semir ...
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adventure xpress

Adult Swim drops Adventure Xpress for Android

Adult Swim games are generally a lot of fun - everyone loves Robot Unicorn, and we were big fans of Amateur Surgeon 3. AS dropped a new Android ...
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8 Score

Magnetic Pull Review – A Brand New Indie Puzzle

I always love trying out new unheard of puzzle games; it's likely you'll find some kind of brand new unique concepts that many big developers are a ...
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9 Score

Gravity Lab! Review – A Fun Physics Based iOS Puzzle Game

Gravity Lab is a brand new physics based iOS puzzle game developed by a small two man team, but despite this, everything about the game could ...
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glowgrid4 copy

New Tetris Inspired iOS Puzzle Game Headed to the App Store This June

The one genre of games I enjoy the most on my smartphone are android and iOS puzzle games - usually they don't contain many IAPs that restrict ...
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