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Saints Row 4 Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailer for the next game in the Saints Row franchise just went live. The trailer showcases some impressive scenes, looks like ...
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Far Cry 3 Review

“Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?” I know people don’t like comparing Far Cry 3 to Skyrim, but in my opinion this is an ...
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FIFA 13 Review

It’s hard to distinguish much difference in the annual release games, at least with games like Call Of Duty the story mode will be fresh, with ...
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Populous: The Beginning Screenshot

Pixel Perfect – Populous: The Beginning Retrospective

Our next instalment of Pixel Perfect is the RTS/God Sim, Populous: The Beginning. Developed by Bullfrog and released for PC on November 30, ...
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Awesomenauts Review

In the year 3578 mining corporations are waging war amongst each other to control what precious resources remain. Mercenaries are hired to protect ...
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Awesomenauts Screenshot

Awesomenauts Launches on XBLA and PSN

The side scrolling multiplayer online battle arena game, Awesomenauts, has finally launched today on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade. ...
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Madden NFL 12

Madden 13 Looking Like Best Madden to Date

Some things in life are guaranteed, such as the sun rising everyday, Christmas always coming on December 25th and Scooby Doo always wanting Scooby ...
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Dragons Dogma Demo Impressions

The demo for Capcom’s Dragons Dogma went live today on Xbox and PSN and those that were on the fence about buying the game are more than likely ...
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Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue Has No Nicholas Cage

I’m sure you have already read the in-depth Pinball FX 2 review that was posted on this site earlier. So I’m just going to keep it short and ...
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TNT Racers PSN Review

TNT Racers is a little hard to describe, it's not exactly a racing game, but not strictly an arcade game at the same time. The best way I can ...
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