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Little Big Planet’s Sackboy Stars in New Mobile Game

Whilst the Little Big Planet IP has previously been exclusive to PlayStation consoles, Sony have just announced a brand new mobile based ...
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Playstation Vita TV

Earlier today (Japan time) Sony held a special press conference about the future of the Playstation brand.  The biggest surprise was the unveiling ...
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Borderlands 2 PS Vita

Borderlands 2 Finally Coming to PS Vita

Hot on the heels of a PS Vita hardware price drop, Sony, Gearbox, and 2K have announced this week at Gamescom that the first-person, loot and shoot ...
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PS Vita Now $199

Gamescom has been good to gamers this year, and Sony in particular has been especially good to us.  Starting now, you can pick up Sony's handheld ...
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Plants vs. Zombies (Playstation Vita) Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: you’re hanging out on your front lawn, when suddenly you hear a hoarse, almost animalistic groan. You ...
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PS Blog Vita First Edition Bundle Unboxing Video

The PlayStation Blog has just released their very own unboxing video for the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle. In it, Abby Reyes, Senior ...
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Will Modern Warfare 3 Claim the Top Spot This Fall?

The Slim Opinion: A roundtable discussion on hot gaming topics With a couple of gaming events coming to a close, our TSO (The Slim Opinion) squad ...
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