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Wii U Dropping To $299 and Coming With Zelda

It's official, people.  Nintendo's ailing Wii U console is officially dropping to $299 in North America.  This new price, which becomes official ...
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PS Vita Now $199

Gamescom has been good to gamers this year, and Sony in particular has been especially good to us.  Starting now, you can pick up Sony's handheld ...
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Verify If You Are A 3DS Ambassador

If you were like me and bought your 3DS at launch, you were just a bit disappointed when Nintendo announced the price drop just a few short months ...
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New 3DS Paints The Town Red

Recently I've been chatting to a few people thinking about purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. Most of them are on the fence about it, pretty much saying ...
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Nintendo 3DS Price Drop and 20 Free Games

Starting August 12th, the price of the 3DS in North America will drop from $249.99 to $169.99, from $349.95 down to $250 in Australia, and from ...
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