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Imprisoned Dictator Manuel Noriega Sues Activision for In-Game Character Portrayal

  Recently we have seen a lot of character portrayals of real life people within mainstream media that has caused conflicts with those ...
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8.5 Score

Final Exam Review

Final Exam is, perhaps not surprisingly, not a game about scrambling to prepare for a test that will single handedly decide whether or not you get ...
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Spiderman and Rhino

The Amazing Spiderman The Game Preview

There are some movies that you just know are going to get a video game tie-in (mostly Marvel Comics, and animated kids movies), some are good, some ...
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Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition Announced

Gamers looking forward to the release of Hitman: Absolution will have to be a little more careful than usual when selecting where they decide to ...
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SlimGamer At E3 2012 Featured Image

E3 Coverage: Sony Press Conference

Continuing my coverage of the press conferences at E3 this year, next up we have Sony…go grab some snacks people, this is going to be a long ...
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Over a Week Without Playstation Network

For more than a week now, Sony’s online service Playstation Network has been down. With the free to use online gaming network out of commission, ...
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New Spider-Man Game Revealed

Shattered Dimensions developer Beenox is apparently working on the next Spider-Man game, named Spider-Man: Edge of Time.  In a press release, ...
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Heavy Rain – Review

The term 'videogames as art' has never fit more. The best way I could describe Heavy Rain is basically an interactive movie. This is one game ...
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Dead Space 2 Full Review

Dead Space 2, one of the most anticipated titles of 2011 has finally been released, but can it hold up to the high expectations set by the fans ...
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Hit Franchises Team Up for Playstation Move Heroes

With collaborations proven successful on other platforms, the PS3 is getting a crossover title that includes three popular franchises in Playst...
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