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7 Score

Crevice Hero Review – A Beautiful Rendition of a Watered Down Mobile Game Genre

How do you take something on the app store and make it feel new, refreshing and extra special? Whilst adding extra features and cool unlockables ...
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Tiny Necromancer Patch 1.1 Addresses Player Requests

If you have been around Slimgamer recently, then you will have most likely have seen a little bit about Tiny Necromancer. It is a new indie arcade ...
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Dodo Master

Android Game of the Week: Dodo Master

If someone calls you a “Dodo” you may get a little offended, but what if you’ve been dubbed the Dodo Master? Well, if you’ve played Semir ...
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9 Score

Tiny Necromancer Review – A Great 8-Bit Arcade Game

I am a huge fan of 8-bit platformer games, so when I heard about Tiny Necromancer, I couldn't wait to give it a go. After playing it for a ...
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Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV lands on Android

Like a tough game that will make you pull at your hair and toss your device against the wall? Terry Cavanagh is familiar with that genre, and one ...
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oscar kickstarter

Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Oscar from Team Sharkeye

Growing up isn’t easy for most of us, and sometimes it’s downright scary. We’ve seen a few games take on the world through a child’s eyes, ...
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mikey shorts

Noodlecake Studios brings Mikey Shorts for Android

Like platformers? We do, and if you’re an Android gamer there’s a new one you’ll want to check out by the name of Mikey Shorts. Folks on iOS ...
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leroy johnson in the greatest game ever logo

SpriteSoHard Studios brings Leroy Johnson In the Greatest Game Ever Made to Kickstarter

  We’ve seen video games set in all era’s, but one of our favorites is also one of the most forgotten… the 70s. Leroy Johnson In the ...
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boogerman reboot

Boogerman Reboot makes its way to Kickstarter

If you were gaming during the age of the Trapper Keepers and Garbage Pail Kids you’ve probably played or at least heard of Boogerman. No, not the ...
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Shantae Half Genie

Successfully Funded – Shantae: Half-Genie Hero from WayForward

Genies are generally a mixed bag. You’ve got terrible Jinn’s like Kazaam and that guy from the Wishmaster flicks, and then you’ve got some ...
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