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Pixel Perfect – Theme Hospital Retrospective

Our latest instalment of Pixel Perfect is the hospital sim Theme Hospital. Developed by Bullfrog during the “Golden Age” of simulation ...
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Pixel Perfect – Uplink: Hacker Elite Review

Uplink is a bit like Zork - no wait, before you click away from this page, hear me out... Uplink is one of those games that has embedded ...
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Populous: The Beginning Screenshot

Pixel Perfect – Populous: The Beginning Retrospective

Our next instalment of Pixel Perfect is the RTS/God Sim, Populous: The Beginning. Developed by Bullfrog and released for PC on November 30, ...
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Pixel Perfect: Castlevania Retrospective

When E3 was happening back in June it was, as usual, a very exciting time for us gamers, and we here are were lucky enough to have a ...
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