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The wolf that kicks off the story.

Blackguards – Impressions From E3

Blackguards was, for me, one of the biggest surprises of E3.  Going into the show, I'd never even heard of the game yet I left with it taking a ...
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Goodbye Deponia – Impressions from E3

Deponia, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a point-and-click adventure series that's very reminiscent of the Monkey Island series.  It ...
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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay and Screenshots

The first ever gameplay footage for Black Flag was revealed at E3 this week. In it, we were shown some more of the pirate assassin, Edmund ...
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FIFA 14 Gameplay Trailer

Today we get a glimpse of the first bit of gameplay from the latest installment of EA's soccer franchise FIFA 14. The trailer showcases some ...
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South Park: The Stick Of Truth Screenshots

With the closure of THQ, and the subsequent purchasing of the rights by Ubisoft, there has been little information on the fate of the upcoming game ...
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Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer and What We Know So Far

A few days ago, WB Games released a short teaser for Arkham Origins and. today, they released the full trailer. The action-packed cinematic ...
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Pixel Perfect – Theme Hospital Retrospective

Our latest instalment of Pixel Perfect is the hospital sim Theme Hospital. Developed by Bullfrog during the “Golden Age” of simulation ...
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Ship Just Got Real – Leviathan Warships Trailer

Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive bring us this jazzy trailer for Leviathan Warships, their upcoming turn-based strategy game about naval ...
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FIFA 14 Announced

Yesterday, EA teased us with the above image and, today, they released some information about the game. We all know the drill when it comes to ...
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New Nvidia drivers – ready for Bioshock Infinite/Tomb Raider

Being the salivating tech-hound that I am, I thought it only fair to bring you news that Nvidia have recently released a new set of GeForce ...
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