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And the Award for “Most Unnessecary Game” Goes to…

Dawngate.  It's a MOBA that is exactly the same as every other MOBA on the market.  Shown at EA's E3 press conference, Dawngate is a MOBA that, ...
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Xbox One: Our Thoughts

Xbox One was announced.  We're sure you all either watched or read about the big reveal and have varying degrees of excitement or disappointment ...
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The Top 10 Games Of 2012 So Far

Every year before the fall landslide of game releases start, I like to sit back for a minute and focus on what the best games of the year have been ...
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Video Games. Are They To Blame?

  Video games.  The very medium which all of us here at Slimgamer as well as all of you sexy people who are reading this love, seem to ...
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Horror: Doing it wrong and getting away with it!

There are many occasions with video games where we as gamers let things slide. If a game has a particularly good story then we don’t mind if the ...
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