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Prepare For More Pain: Dark Souls 2 Announced

Tonight during the Spike Video Game Awards a surprise announcement for Dark Souls 2 was shown. The sequel to Namco Bandai's hugely popular rpg ...
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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Review

I’m at the beginning of the game, I’ve been taught how to move, fight, dodge and even heal myself – I have no idea where I am or why I’m ...
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Inversion Review

Gravity. Ever since Sir Isaac Newton sat under an apple tree man has been fascinated with it. Whether it's been trying to find out if a bullet ...
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Soul Calibur V Review

We're in the midst of a fighting game renaissance. There was a time when the fighting game was king. Fighting games sold consoles. They brought ...
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Street Fighter x Tekken Gamescom Trailer

The wait for Street Fighter x Tekken is becoming harder and harder with the growing months, but we learn more about the array of new characters ...
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Soulcalibur V Character Naming Promotion

For those of you that haven't been paying attention, Namco Bandai announced back on May 11th 2011 that they would be releasing Soulcalibur V on ...
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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 – Review

The Dynasty Warriors series is one that never likes to change much about its core formula, and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is a prime example of ...
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