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Metalheads rejoice, Anthrax has arrived for Rocksmith 2014

DLC can be a real pain in the ass for some games, but for others it’s a true godsend and the lifeblood that keeps the gears churning. That’s ...
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story of a band

Flashback Fridays: A Story of a Band from Hot Byte Games

Hundreds of new games are released each week, and it's easy to forget about some great titles that came out a few years ago. Even if you think ...
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Beyond The Beep Version 3: Interview With Miracle of Sound

Music is a huge part the gaming industry and everyday life in general. There are many fabulously talented composers working in the industry, but ...
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Beyond The Beep Version 2: Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, one of gaming’s most prominent series ever. As such, there’s a ...
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Music of Zelda Windwaker

Beyond the Beep: A Musical Gaming Feature

Music is an important part of video games, one of the most important there is some would argue. Either way you look at it, the music in a video ...
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