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Ultimate App Seeks to Bring Gamers Content via Kickstarter

Being a gamer myself, I enjoy browsing places like N4G and Reddit for news about happenings in the gaming industry, and I know thousands of ...
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Sons of Anarchy Game is headed to Tablets this Fall

As gamers, whenever we look forward to a new game, things can get a little nuts – especially when unpleasant news breaks. Such is the case with ...
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The Banner Saga Coming to Tablets this Fall

The popular tactical RPG title by Stoic Studios, which recently got into a bit of a kerfuffle with Candy Crush maker's King, has just been ...
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pokemon for ipad

Pokemon for iPad is on the way, and it’s an actual TCG

Sometimes the title says it all, and this is one of those times. An image hit twitter tonight that’s bound to make mobile gamers happy as its ...
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8.5 Score

Polygon Evolution Review – A Brand New Tile Matching Puzzle Game

I remember vividly the first day I got my hands on a brand new Xbox 360 - for me, it was a huge leap; the console just seemed amazing. However, at ...
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Take on America with Kim Jong Un and his Unicorn in Glorious Leader!

Sometimes you hear about a game that’s just too good to be true and we thought it was a late April Fools joke when we first heard about the ...
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Apple and Google Fight to bring Exclusive Games to their Platforms

If you own an Android handset, you already know that iOS gets the good stuff first, and sometimes Android gamers have to wait months, if not years ...
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Disruptor Beam working on a new RPG called Star Trek Timelines

Game of Thrones Ascent has become a popular title, and today we found out what Disruptor Beam is working on next. Ready to go where no man has ...
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star wars assault team

Out Now – Star Wars: Assault Team

Back in February, we did a “Beta Breakdown” on Disney’s CCG Star Wars: Assault Team. If you were chomping at the bit to get your hands on the ...
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adventure time

Cartoon Network and Little Orbit team up for New Adventure Time Game

Adventure Time is one of those shows that connects with a lot of folks young and old. There have been several Adventure Time games put out, and ...
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