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The Witcher Battle Arena Review

Back in August, a game called The Witcher Battle Arena went into a closed beta. The Witcher franchise has a whole lot of fans, so it’s safe to ...
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Vainglory, New Mobile MOBA Finally Out in US iTunes

A little earlier this year, we posted about Vainglory, a game that was in development at the time. Vainglory is a mobile based MOBA that was ...
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And the Award for “Most Unnessecary Game” Goes to…

Dawngate.  It's a MOBA that is exactly the same as every other MOBA on the market.  Shown at EA's E3 press conference, Dawngate is a MOBA that, ...
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Ex Riot Games Developers Announce New F2P Mobile MOBA Game

The concept of a mobile MOBA game is certainly not new - Gameloft have already created such an experience with Heroes of Order and Chaos, but ...
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