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Halo 5: Thoughts and Predictions

In the wake of one of the most exciting, surprising, and controversial E3 events in recent memory, the gaming landscape teeters atop the precip...
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Halo recap: Past and Present

Where were we? In order to write about the future of a story, one must understand the story's past. Here are some very short recaps of each ...
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Halo 4 Soundtrack Sample Released!

This is a very brief update to inform everyone that a sample of the Halo 4 soundtrack has been released by 343 Industries.   ENJOY! ...
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Halo 4 – New Screenshots

A fresh batch of screenshots and artwork for Halo 4 have been released today. The screens show off both online and campaign gameplay, while ...
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Halo 4 Campaign Details, Multiplayer Information!

Halos! AI’s! Forerunners! The Covenant! The Flood! We miss the all! Well, maybe not the Flood, nobody misses The Flood… So, you may ...
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