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Top Ten Greatest (Non-Traditional) Zombies

If they aren't the greatest, most terrifying, perfect enemy in all of video games - and storytelling in general - then they're pretty close. ...
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Gears of War Producer Joins Bioware; Leads Mass Effect

Chris Wynn, senior producer on this year's Gears of War: Judgment, announced via Twitter that he has joined Bioware to be the Senior Development ...
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Mass Effect 3 Leviathan Screenshot 1

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Review

There’s no beating around the bush here: Leviathan has a lot to live up to.  Not only is it coming off of the - we’re gonna call it “contr...
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Should You Play Mass Effect 3: Leviathan?

Bioware has no doubt been busy the last few months in the dlc department. Between the various free additions to multiplayer, and the extensive ...
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SlimGamer Podcast Episode 3

SlimGamer Podcast Episode #3 – With A Vengeance

Mike, Simon, and Sean are joined by E3 2012 attendees Hayes and Justin as they discuss E3 2012, answer reader questions, and record a podcast with ...
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Mass Effect 3 ‘Perfect Ending’ Multiplayer Confusion…

Confused by the mention of 'Galactic Readiness' in Mass Effect 3? Bamboozled by the rumour that you have to excel at multiplayer in order to ...
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The Reapers Arrive In Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer

It's finally here. Mass Effect 3 and the arrival of The Reapers is upon us. If the storm of advertising for the game hasn't already caught your ...
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Tons Of New Mass Effect 3 Info With New Trailers

A bunch of new Mass Effect 3 information was released today in the form of four brand new trailers. Each trailer is about a unique part of the ...
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Mass Effect 3 MP Screen 1

Mass Effect 3 Special Forces Multiplayer Trailer

The launch of Mass Effect 3 is just a month away now, and a lot of fans are still worried about how the multiplayer element will feel in the game. ...
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Mass Effect 3 Gets Multiplayer

Yes, you did read that right, but hold on before you start protesting in anger, and finish reading this story. It's long been rumored that Mass ...
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