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Mike’s UFC Personal Trainer 30-Day Challenge: Day 0

I open my eyes, my lungs feel like their full of battery acid and my body aches in places I had forgotten even existed! I blink my eyes, the sweat ...
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Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

Evil Scientists, madmen, Gannon, vengeful gods, walking mountains, giant spiders, Gannon again, zombie Nazi's and even Death Himself.  My list of ...
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Child of Eden – Review

Child of Eden is the latest game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who you may know from his some of his previous titles Rez & Lumines.  As of right ...
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Top Kinect Hacks (So Far)

Ever since the Kinect's surprisingly lucrative success, independent developers around the world have been writing programs to tap into the device ...
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Only 10% of Kinects Power Used Thusfar

Rare's Nick Burton recently stated, at London's Institute for Contemporary Arts, that the studio has so far only used ten to fifteen percent of ...
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