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MMA Federation closes in on its Kickstarter Goal

On January 1st,  we told you about an awesome upcoming sports sim by the name of MMA Federation. As with everything in life, all good things come ...
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A ton of experience in the gaming industry – with Kickstarter he made a huge mistake: CEO Nazarenko on Astro Lords

CEO and Executive Producer Asreniy Nazarenko has been in the game industry for more than 12 years; made dozens of titles for many platforms for ...
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unusng story kickstarter

Yasumi Matsuno’s Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians heads to Kickstarter

Final Fantasy Tactics is a title a lot of gamers dearly love, and you can count the writers at Slimgamer as FFT fans. Yasumi Matsuno is largely ...
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Golden Fish Entertainment’s VoltAge Hits KickStarter

What do you get when you combine the 16-bit graphics and gameplay of old school SNES RPG’s like the Final Fantasy series with the atmosphere and ...
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kickstarter year in review

Kickstarter brings in $480 Million Dollar in Pledges in 2013

There were a lot of successful Kickstarter games in 2013, and the site itself had a beastly year. The company released their “Year in Review” ...
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His 3rd Kickstarter with over 300% funding: Uwe Eickert on Fief – France 1429

With previous Kickstarters backed up to 700%, their currently running campaign's 300% seems to be a bare minimum. Wow. An interview with princi...
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Fighting a war while helping its veterans: COIN on Kickstarter

With COIN Impact, Iraqi veteran Matthew Armstrong wanted to build a charity concept 'on top of fun'. Giving gamers an opportunity to help in the ...
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Two out of Three Kickstarters succesful. And running: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front

With four published games and currently presenting a third addition to an awarded tabletop game series – this indie tabletop producer is worth ...
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Creative solutions for when you feel robbed: Bruce Heard about Calidar on Kickstarter

Bruce Heard is author of several products for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy RPG. Once upon a time he wrote the popular Princess Ark stories, ...
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Lost in Space Like You’ve Never Been Lost In Space Before – NEW ORBIT EPISODE 2

NEW ORBIT isn't like anything you've ever played before.  Currently open on Kickstarter, NEW ORBIT by Markus Hofer is a game about gravity and ...
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