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New SimCity Trailer Starring Adam Devine

Adam Devine is in a show called Workaholics.  It's great and you should watch it.  He also happens to be in a trailer for the new SimCity.  It's ...
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Lego City Undercover: Everything You Need to Know in One Image

Lego City Undercover is the upcoming open-world action game for the Wii U.  Well, here's one screenshot that tells you everything you need to know ...
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European Boxart

Pandora’s Tower Announced for North American Release

Remember Operation Rainfall?  It took a while, but gamers in North America are finally getting the complete trilogy.  It was announced yesterday ...
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Final Fantasy Fans Create the Ultimate Magazine

We at Slimgamer are big fans of the Final Fantasy series but, with the creation of a magazine celebrating Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary, it's ...
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