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7.5 Score

Okay? – The Pay What You Want Mobile Puzzler

Okay? Is a new mobile puzzle game that features a pay what you want model that allows players to choose exactly how much they want to pay for the ...
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7.5 Score

Mega Blaster Review – A Game that Banks Well on the New Endless Shooter Craze

We've seen endless runner games, and more recently, endless racer games. The latest in this lineup of game trends on the app store are endless ...
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7 Score

Jump Rockets – Play a Fun iOS Arcade Game for a Chance to Win a $25 iTunes Voucher

Jump Rockets is a new iOS game that recently launched as an arcade title. It has quick, easy-to-understand controls and follows a similar ...
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Epic Warhammer 40K App Hits iOS Store

If you are a fan of the Warhammer 40K universe I have big news for you today - HeroCraft have just released their latest title - Warhammer 40K: ...
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N4DSiOS Back Online Again After Nintendo Pulls the Plug

If you've gone anywhere near an emulator in your life, you'll know that the topic is covered with all sorts of legal grey areas that leave ...
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Tilt To Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge Planned This Month

  If you've ever played any of the previous Tilt to Live games, then you're probably going to like this news: One Man Left Studios has ...
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Jet Set Radio Mysteriously Removed From iOS App Store

Thanks to the beastly hardware within modern day smartphones, many developers have managed to port over some of their older console games to ...
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Fruit Ninja Receives Biggest Update Ever

Halfbrick Studios has just released a brand new update for their popular fruit slashin' game, Fruit Ninja - after putting small changes into ...
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Top iOS Sports Games 2014

Sports games are perhaps some of the most enjoyable games out there on iOS, and surprisingly, a lot of games offer similar gameplay elements to ...
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Pokemon Trading Card Game Soft Launches in Canada

If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you will know that Nintendo have been planning their first official iPad bound Pokemon game, and recent news ...
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