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super -hexagon

Top 5 Impossibly Difficult iOS Games

Dong Nguyen has recently released the ridiculously difficult Swing Copters to mobile devices, and despite a recent update reducing the game's ...
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glowgrid4 copy

New Tetris Inspired iOS Puzzle Game Headed to the App Store This June

The one genre of games I enjoy the most on my smartphone are android and iOS puzzle games - usually they don't contain many IAPs that restrict ...
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10 iOS Games Free From In-App Purchases

Whilst the top grossing app charts are filled with titles that handle you tiny bits of gameplay one transaction at a time, there are still many ...
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iOS Indie Bundle

Thumb Arcade drops the iOS Indie Bundle

iOS gamers have a serious advantage over Android gamers when it comes to selection. The App Store is crammed full of top-tier titles and has ...
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