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darkest dungeon

Red Hook Studios Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter comes to a close

Last month we told you about a killer new game on Kickstarter by the name of Darkest Dungeon, and as its Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, we ...
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Clear up some free time as Threes! has finally arrived for Android

If you’re an iOS gamer, chances are you’ve heard of or played the hit game Threes! and if you’re on Android, you’ve probably been longing ...
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oscar kickstarter

Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Oscar from Team Sharkeye

Growing up isn’t easy for most of us, and sometimes it’s downright scary. We’ve seen a few games take on the world through a child’s eyes, ...
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hack ex

Byeline drops another Hack Ex update for Android

In January we reviewed a little Indie game by the name of Hack Ex. It’s a hacking simulator that will suck you in, and keep you checking back ...
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humble indie bundle 11

Humble Indie Bundle 11 unleashes Guacamelee!, Monaco, The Swapper and more!

It’s Humble Bundle time again! The Bundle has been off the hook lately, and the Humble Indie Bundle 11 is definitely staying the course with 6 ...
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darkest dungeon

Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Darkest Dungeon from Red Hook Studios

Generally we don’t run any 'pick of the week' articles on a Tuesday, but every once in a while you come across a game that’s just too cool for ...
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39 days to mars

Kickstarter Pick of the Week: 39 Days to Mars

We’re back with another edition of “Kickstarter Pick of the Week” and this week we’re going to take a look at a space-based game by the ...
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hot rod hustle

Kickstarter SOS: Hot Rod Hustle

If you grew up in the 80s, you probably played your fair share of DOS games. California Dreams published a little game back in 1989 called Street ...
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you must build a boat

10000000 developer announces new game, You Must Build a Boat

10000000 is one of the best puzzlers around, and fans of the game have been waiting to see what developer Luca Redwood would come up with next. The ...
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Beta Breakdown: Out There from Mi-Clos Studio

There are a lot of great Indie games floating around on the web, and waiting on a release date can be tough. Giving users early Beta and Alpha ...
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