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Liquid Physics Game Vessel Coming This Holiday

As an avid fan of the indie and third party game scene, it gives me great pleasure to report that IndiePub and Strange Loop Games have announced ...
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Soul Review & Kydos Studios Interview

The XBox Live Indie Arcade is, without a doubt, every nerds sandbox dream, create a game that at least has a beginning and an end, give it the TLC ...
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Tiny Wings – Review

Everyone once in a while an App game comes out that is simply a must have for any iPhone iTouch or iPad owner. Tiny Wings is one of those games. ...
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Zombie Football Carnage – Review

Zombie Football Carnage's name confuses me, for the whole time I played it I never encountered any zombies to my knowledge. Its impossible to ...
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Infinity Danger – Review

Infinity Danger is the latest game released by Milkstone Studios to the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace. It is a “shoot ‘em up” game based ...
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