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Top 32 (Or So) of 2012 – Game of the Year

Welcome to Slimgamer’s end of the year coverage.  We took seven writers, gave them six categories, and locked them in a room until they’d ...
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Guild Wars 2 Review

Every industry has its titans – the teams, individuals or corporations who eventually become synonymous with that particular pastime. Golf has ...
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Guild War 2 resumes online sales – Releases new trailer

“Our time is now!” These words echo out of the latest trailer for ArenaNet and NCSofts wonderful MMORPG - Guild Wars 2. Yes, even a ...
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The Weekly News Roundup – August 26 – September 1

              Metal Gear Mania If you're a Metal Gear fan then this column has just ...
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Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend Impressions

Tree-people, Dobby from Harry Potter and a rendition of The Hunger Games - the final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend has shaped up to be one of the best ...
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Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition Detailed

With the recent announcement of the release date for eagerly awaited PC MMORPG, Guild Wars 2. We thought it was the perfect time to offer you some ...
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I Can Outrun A Centaur.

The Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event is now behind us and a lot of people have been left craving more. For the first time players were allowed to ...
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Destiny's Edge

10 Reasons to Look Forward to Guild Wars 2

Chances are that if you've ever heard of Guild Wars 2 or even the Guild Wars franchise I'm probably not going to need to say much to convince you ...
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Guild Wars 2 Coming to Consoles!

Don't freak out people, but this may just happen! A console version of MMO Guild Wars 2 is "in the preparation stage", NCsoft has said. Sp...
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Guild Wars 2 Screen 51

Guild Wars 2 Preview

"I am a journalist, I will venture across the country to experience the latest in video game technology. Using my notepad and pen, I will create ...
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