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10 Score

Adventure to Fate Review: An Interesting Battle JRPG

Adventure to Fate is a brand new JRPG by developer TouchMint - the game features an in-depth battle system, over 70 unique monsters and a customi...
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9 Score

Neonize Review – The Perfect Rhythm Based Arcade Shooter

There's one underlying problem with the app store that sometimes gets to me; it's pretty easy to make a very poor excuse of an app and release it ...
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8 Score

Blong Review – The Solo Pong Experiment

If you didn't know already, every video game is a re-imagination of video games before it, and because of this, there really isn't any such ...
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7 Score

QuBe Review – The Game That Makes Following Instructions Addictive

Dumb Ways to Die managed to scrape together a strange genre of game on the mobile platform that we really haven't seen elsewhere. When I first ...
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9 Score

Gravity Lab! Review – A Fun Physics Based iOS Puzzle Game

Gravity Lab is a brand new physics based iOS puzzle game developed by a small two man team, but despite this, everything about the game could ...
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Orb Review – a Brand New Indie iOS Arcade Game

A brand new indie iOS arcade game has caught my attention, and its concept follows a trend on the app store that was born the day Flappy Bird hit ...
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dEXTRIS Review

The sudden craze behind Flappy Bird has brought on a whole wave of infuriatingly addictive mobile games that offer nothing but a few minutes of ...
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7.5 Score

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

Call of Duty is the biggest franchise in gaming, and at this point you’re either onboard or you’re not.  Call of Duty’s particular style of ...
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