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Top Six Free iOS Games of 2014

2014 is now coming to a close, making it a perfect time to look back at the year and pick out the top 10 best games for iOS. In this post we shall ...
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Tiny Necromancer Patch 1.1 Addresses Player Requests

If you have been around Slimgamer recently, then you will have most likely have seen a little bit about Tiny Necromancer. It is a new indie arcade ...
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9 Score

Drawtopia Review – A Fun Drawing Game

Drawtopia is a fairly new title to hit the iOS store that features a very cool drawing mechanic that makes for an interesting gameplay experi...
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5 Score

Rotation. Review – The Fast Paced Test of Reaction

Rotation. is a brand new title released by solo developer Diego Gonzalez, and it features gameplay that is super easy to pick up, but hard to ...
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7.5 Score

Pirate Ring Review – An Incredibly Challenging Strategy Game

Sudoku is one of the most well known games worldwide, and Pirate Ring, a new iOS game, tries to capture the puzzling elements of Sudoku and bring ...
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Batman Arkham Origins Swoops Down to iOS and Android

Batman, Arkham Origins, and all of the other games in the Arkham series have been incredibly impressive. Many critics and reviews have praised ...
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Check Out These Paid iOS Games That Have Just Gone Free

Every now and then, app developers decide to change up their monetization model a little, and this can usually make a big impact on the game's ...
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angry birds epic

Rovio unleashes Angry Birds Epic for Android and iOS

If you’ve wanted Rovio to do something different, you’ve probably been waiting with bated breath for Angry Birds Epic to roll out. Well, today ...
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8 Score

Clamber Review

One-tap games are plentiful in the Play Store, but we got a new one this week that's just a wee bit different than the rest. Clamber is the name of ...
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Bïtse Games releases new physics-flinger Gentlemen…Ricochet! for Android

Each week we get dozens of new Android games between Wednesday and Thursday, and while we had some big games drop this week, a little one caught ...
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