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Gameloft Details Multiplayer Information for Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Last week, Gameloft announced their plans to release their upcoming mobile first person shooter, Modern Combat 5, completely free of in-app ...
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Modern Combat 5 Will Come with Absolutely no In-App Purchases

Gameloft have slowly been gearing up for the release of Modern Combat 5 by revealing information on the upcoming mobile based shooter and live ...
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Kickstarter SOS: Cult County from Renegade Kid

It’s time for another edition of Kickstarter SOS, where we try to put the word out about a Kickstarter game that needs a little help crossing the ...
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payday 2

Big Payday 2 Console Update headed your way Soon

Payday 2 was a hit before it actually hit the PC or consoles as it became profitable from pre-orders alone. It was also plagued by launch day ...
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Tribes: Ascend Review

If you gave everyone at the Winter Olympics rocket launchers and jetpacks you would probably see something similar to Tribes: Ascend. Tribes: ...
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Blacklight: Retribution (PC) Preview

If you're a PC FPS nut you'll probably agree that there's one thing that FPS games have been lacking: wall hacking...   That's ...
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Get Free Sewer Access in Rage If Bought New

Online passes are becoming a staple in gaming these days. From sports games to shooters, they seem to try to get more money from the used consume...
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Limited Edition Battlefield 3 Details Released

EA announced on Thursday (4th August) the details of the Limited Edition pack for Battlefield 3. As I'm sure you are all aware by now that ...
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Breach – Review

In a video game world recently dominated by first-person shooter sales last year, it is pretty easy for the smaller titles to get overlooked ...
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Deus Ex Human Revolution around 25 hours long?

According to posts found in VG247 and CVG, Deus Ex Human Revolution Testers have been testing the game for 6 straight hours for everyday, most not ...
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