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Nomura’s Sketches for Final Fantasy V, VI and Front Mission Unearthed

Takashi Aki was an old designer for Squaresoft back in the SNES days, and today on Twitter he has unearthed some old sketches done by Tetsuya ...
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Final Fantasy VI is Getting Remade… for Smartphones

We all dreamed of the day we would see a remake of Final Fantasy VI, one of the greatest RPGs to ever come out of Squaresoft's hallowed halls when ...
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New Screenshots From Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Square-Enix has just released a whole lot of screenshots for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  The screenshots show off some ...
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Japanese Gamers Get a Theatrhythm:Final Fantasy Sequel

Check out Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call. We have info and images!
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Final Fantasy Fans Create the Ultimate Magazine

We at Slimgamer are big fans of the Final Fantasy series but, with the creation of a magazine celebrating Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary, it's ...
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Beyond The Beep Version 2: Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, one of gaming’s most prominent series ever. As such, there’s a ...
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Theatrythm: Final Fantasy Review

Do you love the hell out of Final Fantasy? How do you feel about rhythm games? Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s newest 3DS outing, takes ...
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SlimGamer Podcast Episode 3

SlimGamer Podcast Episode #3 – With A Vengeance

Mike, Simon, and Sean are joined by E3 2012 attendees Hayes and Justin as they discuss E3 2012, answer reader questions, and record a podcast with ...
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Music of Zelda Windwaker

Beyond the Beep: A Musical Gaming Feature

Music is an important part of video games, one of the most important there is some would argue. Either way you look at it, the music in a video ...
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New Progression Screenshots for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Square Enix released some new character progression screenshots for their upcoming 3DS title THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY. In them, you get a peek at ...
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