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Mobile Games to Look Forward to in 2015

In this blog, we'll be taking a look at some of the best mobile games to look forward to in 2015. Every game on this list has been planned to ...
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devious dungeon
7.5 Score

Devious Dungeon Review

Ravenous Games is well-known for their mobile games, and their newest one made its way to Android last week. Devious Dungeon is platformer with RPG ...
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Chaos Rings 3 Announced by Square Enix

Square Enix has recently been putting a lot of effort into mobile ports and remakes of some of their most famous titles of the past, but their ...
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the great prank war
6.5 Score

The Great Prank War Review

Adventure Time – Card Wars has been one of our favorite games of the year, and Cartoon Network dropped a new game from a different franchise last ...
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Android TV set to bring Gaming to the Living Room

  It's hard to keep a secret these days. Google couldn't keep its set top box under wraps, and today they announced Android TV to the ...
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king's league odyssey

Gamenauts brings Kurechii Studio’s King’s League: Odyssey to Android

Simulation games are a great way to kill time, and there are plenty to choose from in the Play Store. One notable exception was King’s League, ...
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might & mayhem

Beta Breakdown: Might & Mayhem from Kiz Studios

Beta Breakdown is our way of shining a spotlight on some games that are in a soft launch or limited beta. Our last breakdown focused on the Family ...
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NVIDIA Shield 2 set to sport a 2.5GHz K1 and 4GB of RAM

The NVIDIA Shield is an interesting device to say the least, and while the reviews on the first generation were mixed, that may not be the case ...
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Pac-Man Monsters for Android gets a Soft Launch

Each week a number of cool games creep onto Google Play as soft launches so developers can test the game out in select regions before it goes ...
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Collect Animals and Boogie with Disco Zoo for Android

Disco and the Zoo aren’t two things that generally go together, but nobody told that to Milkbag Games makers of the funky Disco Zoo. NimbleBit ...
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