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Existence of Fable Trilogy Leaked

It looks like a Fable Trilogy pack may be in the works.  According the NeoGAF user H3xum, an online store may have leaked the existence of just ...
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Is The Original Fable Getting Remade?

The Fable series has now become one of the staples in the catalogue of Xbox exclusives, and it's widely agreed that the original is the best of the ...
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Peter Molyneux Leaves Lionhead / Microsoft

The creator of classic titles such as Populous, Black & White and Magic Carpet - Peter Molyneux has decided to leave both Lionhead Studios and ...
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Top 5 Video Game Worlds

It’s important for a video game to have an interesting world, especially for sandbox and role-playing games. Without a world that you feel ...
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The third title in the Fable series was just released by Lionhead Studios.  This tale is a continuation from Fable II, in Fable III you get ...
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