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FIFA 14 Gameplay Trailer

Today we get a glimpse of the first bit of gameplay from the latest installment of EA's soccer franchise FIFA 14. The trailer showcases some ...
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EA 2013 Preview Tease

EA’s E3 2013 Next-Gen Preview on Spike TV

EA announced this week that they will be showcasing their E3 2013 lineup of next generation games on "The Download: EA's 2013 Preview." The ...
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FIFA 14 Announced

Yesterday, EA teased us with the above image and, today, they released some information about the game. We all know the drill when it comes to ...
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SimCity Video Review Part 1 – The journey begins…

Community Manager Mike Smith takes us on a journey through his sandbox experience in SimCity...
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Madden NFL 13 Review

Some things in life are guaranteed – like that package you've been waiting in for all day arriving just when you nip out for two minutes or your ...
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FIFA 13 Review

It’s hard to distinguish much difference in the annual release games, at least with games like Call Of Duty the story mode will be fresh, with ...
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Mass Effect 3 Leviathan Screenshot 1

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Review

There’s no beating around the bush here: Leviathan has a lot to live up to.  Not only is it coming off of the - we’re gonna call it “contr...
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Populous: The Beginning Screenshot

Pixel Perfect – Populous: The Beginning Retrospective

Our next instalment of Pixel Perfect is the RTS/God Sim, Populous: The Beginning. Developed by Bullfrog and released for PC on November 30, ...
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Should You Play Mass Effect 3: Leviathan?

Bioware has no doubt been busy the last few months in the dlc department. Between the various free additions to multiplayer, and the extensive ...
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Madden NFL 13 Screenshot 2

Madden NFL 13 Demo Impressions

Tuesday saw the demo release of one of the most anticipated sports games of this year; Madden NFL 13. So what's new in this year's release? Read ...
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