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Three Minutes of Gameplay in New Dishonored Trailer

Dishonored was first announced in a GameInformer reveal a few months back, since then the game has been drawing more and more attention. Being ...
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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance E3 Trailer

Metal Gear Rising had been in limbo for a while, until at the VGA's Konami showed the new direction the game was taking. Now being co-developed ...
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Gears of War Judgement Leak 1 Game Informer Cover

Brand New Gears of War Reveal For E3

In a surprise reveal today, Game Informer showed us the cover of their magazine for July. Without even a rumor of its existence, they revealed ...
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The Slim Opinion: E3 2012 Edition

As you probably already know, E3 is literally now just around the corner. As such it’s an exciting time, big news, big reveals, and flashy ...
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Bioshock Infinite Screen 1

Bioshock Infinite Delayed

Well a double dose of bad news is in order today. Bioshock Infinite was surely going to be one of the most hotly watched games at E3 this year. ...
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E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference

E3 Coverage: Nintendo Press Conference

So here we have it, the conference we have all been waiting for, Nintendo takes centre stage for the press event of 2011’s E3. Fortunately, very ...
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SlimGamer At E3 2012 Featured Image

E3 Coverage: Sony Press Conference

Continuing my coverage of the press conferences at E3 this year, next up we have Sony…go grab some snacks people, this is going to be a long ...
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E3 Expo 2011 Microsoft Press Conference

E3 Coverage: Microsoft Press Conference

  So it’s that time of year again people, the lights are dimmed, the scores of journalists are packed tightly into their seats, the wi-fi ...
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E3 Predictions 2011

E3 is almost upon us and, like every other gamer on the planet, we here at SlimGamer are excited.  Very excited.  We're all hanging on the edge ...
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Rumour: Wii Successor to be Unveiled at E3

GameInformer claims to have spoken with several developers about a possible successor to the Wii.  According to their sources, Nintendo will ...
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